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In October 2020 I began studying for a Masters in Social Practice And the Creative Environment from Limerick School of Art and Design. This course has been fully online due to Covid restrictions.

As we began the course, we were asked to introduce ourselves by answering the question, 'How do you identify in the world?'

In an introductory exercise I had been chatting to a fellow student about food and how important and novel and also boring and monotonous it has become over covid lockdown. We spoke about how enjoyable it can be to put effort into cooking - if only we had the mental energy!

I decided to introduce myself to the group through my morning porridge ritual, which I communicated via the sketch note below.

The MA SPACE course modules are:

Module 1: Commentaries – Critical Grounding, Taking a Position. This module introduces you to the critical thinking underpinning contemporary art and design practice and its relationship to social and cultural issues.

Module 2: Transactions, Roles and Research. This looks at the different voices, roles, ethical and logistical responsibilities involved in a social practice project. Delivery is supported by Visiting Lecturers.

Module 3: Practice – Analyse, Contextualise, Assimilate. This module introduces postgrads to national and international social art practitioners, with a focus on best practice. Delivery is supported by Visiting Lecturers

Module 4: Social Practice: Major Project. You will develop a social project.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to engage with a community/situation/space/topic.

Module 5: Documentation: Critical Reflection and Evaluation of Major Project. This requires you to fully document your process of enquiry and to reflect deeply on your chosen social practice project

Some highlights of the course so far have been

  • Group brainstorming and mapping of texts about critical pedagogy, theories of modern art, cultural hegemony, liberalism and art & democracy.

  • Visiting lecturers such as Pauline Conroy who spoke about the prison system and the injustices within it, Claire meany from Waterford Healing Arts Trust, and Salome Mbugua who spoke about sexual and gender based violence: a migrant women's perspective.

Online learning also means zoom birthday parties, sharing views of your pet, and giving tours of your home!

You can view the course website here.


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