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Keep Yourself Warm

Run time: 19 mins

Filmed in: Thomastown, Kilkenny, Ireland, 2023.

Written, directed and edited by: Amelia Caulfield

Music by: Robert Grace

Honourable Mention: Covent Garden Film Festival, London, UK.

This film work was made in response to the theme of play, and the idea of play being the antidote to overwhelm. This film deals with the often isolating experience of ill mental health, the invisibility of certain anxiety symptoms, and the process of individual healing.


Depicting nature's inherent wonder and playfulness as a potential remedy for suffering, this film delves into the power of surrender, letting go, and connecting to the natural world. Playing in nature, especially as adults, is one of the most nourishing actions we can take for our mental wellbeing, and is too often overlooked. 

Keep yourself warm
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