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As part of the IMMA Earth Rising festival 2023, I created 'Nature doesn't do binaries, only spectrums', an interactive installation inviting discussion, debate, and deep reflection around methods, uses, and the efficacy of activism.

Participants were invited to choose a theme, an intention, and an action, and to creatively imagine them combined into a new and original activist strategy.

This work aims to invite open and critical discussion around our understanding of activism and its efficacy, as well as presenting these themes in an objective and creative way, celebrating collective action, and ultimately inspiring engaged and active global citizenship.

The core idea behind this work is that all forms of activism (global/ local, utopian/ dystopian, grand gestures/ tiny movements) can have impact. This work also acknowledges the  challenges of this topic, eg: performative activism, holding activists to impossible ‘perfect’ standards etc.

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