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Volunteering with Thomastown Community River Trust


In February 2008 serious flooding on the river Nore resulted in the collapse of a section of Thomastown weir. This breach had a devastating effect on a range of river-based activities in Thomastown and on the community itself.

Thomastown Community River Trust are a group of individuals who came together in an attempt to reverse the decay of the weir. They are representative of many community groups within the town who share a respect for the river and a need to find an amicable solution.


I have been swimming at The Weir pool for years, but have spent more time than ever there during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. My family have been involved in TCRT since its inception, so during this time I was keen to volunteer with the group, and support the cause which myself and the community have benefitted so much from.

I was also interested to gain experience within a developed community group as I felt it would not only assist me in integrating further with my current surroundings and community members, but hopefully give me experience of collaborative community projects which can inform my socially engaged art practice.

I have already learned a lot about the dynamics and nuances of collaborative voluntary work. It has also been interesting to be on the other side of a designed community amenity, and to witness how the community interact with the space, other users of the space, and any activities or events that take place there.

I am currently assisting with planning events and fundraising activities, on site maintenance, and social media management.

Keep up to date with Thomastown Community River Trust and The Weir Pool on Facebook and on Instagram.


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