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Seeds of the Future

Thomastown, Kilkenny

Summer 2021

          Seeds of the Future is a series of workshops aiming to connect members of our community with each other through creative activities. While encouraging people to consider our future together in Thomastown in innovative ways, this one day event consists of participatory discussions and creative practical sessions. The event will culminate in a shared community lunch with stories, music & a puppet show.


          Seeds of The Future consists of three workshops: 

Workshop one focuses on our community origins, how we can make improvements to our environment, and explores new possibilities for our locality through the framework of The Work That Reconnects by Joanna Macy. 

Workshop two focuses on the creation of a patchwork flag; sewing collaboratively designed fabric tiles together while integrating values of inclusion and connection.

Workshop three focuses on the preparation and formation of physical 'Seeds of the Future'; a paper making workshop including seeds and locally sourced botanics. 


This family friendly workshop series aims to inspire creativity and imagination in a fun, informal way and ignite thought provoking discussion and consideration around topics of locality, community, placemaking, co-designing for the future, and collaborative community engagement.

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