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Artist Statement

Amelia Caulfield is a multidisciplinary socially engaged artist from Thomastown, Kilkenny.


Amelia is interested in examining the interconnectedness and interdependence of global justice issues, as well as how we as humans think, decide, dream, and learn, in local contexts.


A core goal of her work is to empower the public to utilise autonomy and agency, and to take considered action in relation to their own values, the design and experience of their daily environments, and their global issues of concern. 


Through her work, Amelia aims to provide spaces for collective community action, collaborative imagining, and knowledge exchange with an emphasis on discovering new ways in which we can live well together. This work encourages examination of individual and collective values as a means to connect both internally and to others. 


The methodologies used in her context specific situated practice include creative placemaking, workshops, and discussions. Her work is mostly process and artist led, and usually invites public participation.


Amelia is inspired by examples of collective action, community collaboration and support, and ambitious, radical, innovative ideas about our future of living well together. 


Artist Bio

Amelia Caulfield was born in County Kilkenny in 1992. She received first class honours in Film and Documentary from Galway Mayo Institute of Technology in 2015, and subsequently ran a successful videography and digital content creation business in Dublin. 

In 2020, Amelia completed a level 9 Special Purpose award in Creativity and Change from Cork Institute of Technology. In 2021 she was awarded a first class honours Masters in Social Practice and the Creative Environment from Limerick School of Art and Design.

Her artistic practice began with video, photography and print, and has now evolved into more collaborative socially engaged methods such as creative placemaking, interactive workshops and facilitated discussions.

Amelia is currently based in Kilkenny, and is making socially engaged work based around themes of agency, community collaboration and engagement, collective imagining of our shared future, examination of personal and shared values, and how we can live well together. 

Amelia is currently studying Art, Craft, and Design at Grennan Mill, Thomastown. To date, her work has been supported by Kilkenny Leader and Kilkenny County Council.

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