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In March 2023, we shared the outcomes of the We ❤️ Weir Pool process publicly. We took over a space on the Main Street in Thomastown, Kilkenny, and converted it to a gallery by cleaning, painting, and turning on heat and lights. 

In this space, we presented the unique process we devised for this project, and all of the process documentation. We launched our publication (which was supported by LAWPRO), displayed public survey results, and showed a mockup of a proposed new signage to go on site at The Weir Pool. 

To read more about the project, click here.


The Publication

Our booklet pulls out the strongest themes from the discussions and survey answers, and folds out into a poster of a key image of The Goddess of The Weir Pool surrounded by the stories and thoughts of those who imagined her into being.

The Process Wall

The River Nore, The goddess of the Weir Pool, and visual and written documentation of the project's process filled this wall. 

The decision to draw directly onto the wall and present documentation in a casual manner, reflects the hands on, personable, welcoming, and accessible nature of the process as a whole. 


The Prints

This series of trace monoprints were created by Amelia Caulfield in response to the river Nore, The Weir Pool, and how people use and interact with it. 

This method of printmaking carries over into the We ♥ Weir Pool booklet graphics, which are monoprints created from imagery which was collaboratively generated at our participatory events.

The Sign

We propose this new welcome sign to be installed on site at the Weir Pool, Thomastown.

The aim of this is to welcome people to the space with the value system that has been identified by the people who use this space the most, give clarity around ownership and management of the space, and encourage community collaboration and respect in the space. 

sign in situ impression.jpg
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