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This Could Be The Place

Summer 2021

Thomastown, Kilkenny

This project aims to cultivate discussion, agency, and action around what it means to live well in accordance with our individual and collective values, and how we can collaboratively reimagine our daily environments and the future of our communities. 


    This Could Be The Place aims to access our collective imaginations, inspire participants to discover and act on their intrinsic values, and become active co-producers of their own environments through workshops, discussions, and participatory events. The methods used in this project are intentionally resistant to a predescribed outcome, and are process-led.


Within the recent context of people spending more time in their locality, reconsidering how they live well, and a pressing need for more usable outdoor public space, this project asks;

What do you value? What does your community value? Are those values visible? Who is responsible for looking after our public space? How could we better use our public spaces? What are your hopes for the future of your community? And how can we inspire each other to become active citizens, agents of our communities, and co-producers of our environments, in accordance with our held values? 

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