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HAUMEA - participating in Cathy Fitzgerald's eco-literacy course

I recently took part in Cathy Fitzgerald's online 7 week essential eco-literacy course. Cathy was a visiting lecturer on MA SPACE and after a one day session with her, I was sure I wanted to learn more about her work.

The course was Led by ecological (ecosocial) artist Dr. Cathy Fitzgerald (Ireland) along with ecophilosopher Dr. Nikos Patedakis (California). The course centred around how ecoliteracy and ecophilosophy can assist arts practitioners and professionals in developing impactful: creative practices, exhibitions, events, community art programs, art courses, or help develop insightful cultural leadership for these urgent times.

The content of this course was very thorough, deep and transformative, and many of the teachings have stayed at the forefront of my mind when working on my practice.

Some resources that particularly impacted me were:

  • Earthrise; the story of the photo that changed the world. This short documentary is available on YouTube here. I found this beautiful, poignant and very moving.

  • Small Arcs of Larger Circles, a book by Nora Bateson. In this book, Nora invites us to weave together the rigor of systems theory and complexity thinking with the expansiveness of our embodied aesthetic experience.

  • Codesres: a project on the Iveragh peninsula in Ireland which is co-designing for rural Resilience through P2P networks and STEAM place-based learning interventions.

This course can be studied in your own time and has weekly group meetings which are recorded, which is very useful if you already have a full schedule.

Find more information about this and similar courses here.

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Cathy Fitzgerald
Cathy Fitzgerald
Jan 07, 2023

Thank you so much Amelia for this post :)

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