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Creativity and Change

In May 2020 I completed the Special Purpose Award in Creativity and Change from Cork Institute of technology.

In the Creativity & Change programme they believe that creative engagement can support transformative learning experiences that connect the head, hand and heart and nurture competences of global citizens that are important for the sustainable future of our world; competences such as empathy, resilience, critical thinking, problem solving, ability to take action, and compassion.

This course was truly transformative both in terms of the taught curriculum and the peer facilitated learning.

Some highlights of the course were:

  • Co-creating and facilitating workshops around chosen topics of interest. My group created and facilitated an hour long workshop about fostering engagement within communities.

  • Image theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed, and other exercises from Augusto Boal. These techniques were both inspiring and transformative, and created a completely new and unique lens for me to view methodologies and social activism through.

  • Critical literacy - reading the word and the world

  • Design thinking - Empathise, define, ideate, prototype & test.

My biggest learning outcomes from this course were:

  • A renewed focus and appreciation for process over product

  • The power of collaboration and community action - 'whatever the problem, community is the answer'.

  • The immense and transformative power of respectful, engaging, and challenging facilitation.

  • Bringing vulnerability with you as a learning companion

  • Creative courage as a practice and process, not a destination

The course is currently running a blended programme of online and in person learning. I would recommend Creativity and Change to anyone interested in these topics, it has completely changed my practice, my goals, and my world view.

For more information you can view their website here.


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