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HARDCARE - Project launch by David McGovern & facilitated by Amelia Caulfield

Fellow MA SPACEr David McGovern recently launched his new project HARDCARE

"HARD CARE explores the fringes of care; that which is kept hidden from view or seen as deviant. It rejects care as soft and passive, and acknowledges the hardship involved in some acts of keeping well. HARD CARE proposes new language and aesthetics for care."

During the online launch, David gave an in depth introduction to the project, which was recorded and can be seen here.

My duties as co-facilitator at the event included welcoming the group and introducing the safe spaces agreement, as well as informing the participants on timing for the event, the activities that were coming up, the accessibility supports, and how they can get involved with the conversation. I also introduced the participatory exercise using the platform Padlet which allowed participants to anonymously share stories, reflections, or questions about the project.

The event was a great success with over 20 participants attending and many interesting and insightful ideas being shared.

Prior to the event, David and I embarked on a guerrilla promotional tour of Dublin to paste up some HARDCARE posters.

Be sure to keep up to date with David's project and other work by following his Instagram.


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